Cost of care reports

Cost of Care provides accurate market rate reports for in-home nursing and domestic services for law firms running Personal Injury Claims, health professionals and medico-legal assessors making an assessment. Recognising that accuracy is essential, we have endeavoured to create the most specific and accurate database of in-home care market rates ever available to the legal industry.

When you proceed to mediation or settlement you can be confident that the rates we provide in our reports are consistently more accurate and better reflect the average market rate than similar services.


The rates we quote are sourced only from in-home service providers that operate within the claimant’s locale


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The market rates we quote are sourced from a minimum of 6-12 service providers across 21 regions of metro and rural NSW*


Thoroughly researched reports are sourced from over 80 registered providers, covering multiple services


All cost of care reports are cost-effective, prices starting as low as $25 each and are tailored to suit each case

*With the exception of remote rural areas due to limited number of service providers

How it Works

We have a large well researched database of the prices of in home care services by state, and by region. In fact we make every effort to get pricing from a minimum of six (6) providers operating within all the regions of NSW.. For claimants with low care needs we source our pricing data from our database that is updated a minimum twice yearly.

In high care or catastrophic injury cases, where the cost of future care per annum can be enormous, our Registered Nurses research on a case by case basis. They will first identify which home care agencies in the claimant’s area have the capability of providing the care. They will then discuss the claimant’s care requirements with the Agency’s management team in order to obtain the applicable hourly rates to quote in our Cost of Care report. For confidentiality purposes the claimant’s name is not divulged to any of the home care Agencies.

We make every effort to ensure that the information and costings provided are accurate and relevant to the claimant’s case and geographical area.

We provide cost of care reports for:

  • All Nursing Services
  • Domestic Care
  • Home Cleaning
  • Childcare
  • Gardening
  • Handyman (home maintenance)
  • Home Delivery Shopping

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What’s included in your Cost of Care report?

If you are able to specify the hours of home care or assistance required per week, our report will set out the weekly costs in a neat succinct table summary with the data source annexed to the report.  If you cannot specify required hours, we will simply provide an average hourly market rate for each home care service you have requested. 

Our Cost of Care reports include:

  • The Expert Witness code of conduct statement
  • An appendix of our entire data source.
  • Past care rates (on request)
  • The contact details of all in home service providers operating in the claimant’s area
  • The current costs per week for all nominated services or the current hourly rates per service in easy to read tables

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Why choose Cost of Care?

Our Costs of Care reports are prepared by trained Registered Nurses with a minimum of 10 years experience.  They are trained carers who have an in-depth knowledge of injury, illness, home and disabled care services making them the perfect professionals to prepare these types of reports. CDC Registered Nurses liaise with in- home care Agencies on a daily basis to ensure our database of care providers and rates are up to date with the latest developments in the Australian homecare services industry.

Aa a division of CDC (Complete Domestic Care Pty Ltd), a highly reputable Allied Health Medico Legal practice who has been servicing the legal industry with Expert reports since 1996, our staff are experts in their field and currently prepare in excess of 200 Cost of Care reports every year, Expert Witness trained and bound by the relevant codes of conduct.

Our experience has shown us that the cost of in-home nursing care and domestic services vary considerably, both between providers and across regions, as well as within and outside metropolitan areas. For this reason, the average market rates we quote are sourced from a minimum of 6 service providers (in some regions up to 12), across 21 regions of NSW.

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